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Welcome to Win-Stone Campus

Welcome to Win-Stone Campus! As a distinguished institution with a rich history, Win-Stone Campus has evolved to become a prominent educational establishment in Sri Lanka. Formerly known as the Win-Stone School of Culinary Art, we have expanded our horizons and transformed into a comprehensive Campus.

At Win-Stone Campus, we take pride in our commitment to nurturing professionals across various disciplines. Our curriculum now encompasses an array of vocational courses, including Welding, Plumbing, and Electronic Engineering, in addition to our renowned culinary programs. This expansion reflects our dedication to providing a diverse and dynamic learning environment that prepares students for success in a wide range of industries.

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To be a leading solutions provider and facilitator of customer needs in the tourism industry.
We offer comprehensive courses in various disciplines. We are linked with both international and national institutes to verify the recognition of our courses. Our academy is equipped with state of the art facilities and highly experienced personnel to impart knowledge on to all the students who want a fulfilling career in the hospitality and service industry.
We at Win-Stone are committed to satisfy its Students, Parents, Shipping Recruits, Business and Society by largely fulfilling their needs and expectations, while adhering to all statutory and regulatory requirements applicable. This will be achieved by building national and global linkages with training institutes, universities and business organizations.
We are also committed to unceasingly develop all our policies, systems, and resources including personal and professional development of Students, Staff and the Faculty.
culinary talent at Win-Stone Campus

Join us for a spectacular celebration of achievements and culinary talent at Win-Stone Campus!

We are proud to honor our students who have successfully completed their courses, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey. This ceremony is a testament to their hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Let's come together to celebrate their accomplishments and wish them success in their future endeavors.

Parallel to the Award Ceremony, we are thrilled to present a Culinary Competition in collaboration with Unilever Food Solutions. The purpose of organizing this cookery competition is to nurture and support the future generation of culinarians. It is an opportunity for students to unleash their culinary creativity, refine their techniques, and gain valuable experience in a competitive culinary environment. We believe in providing opportunities for growth and development, and this competition is a testament to our commitment to fostering talent within our culinary community.

Embracing Culture: ACE English Academy Students Prepare for Vesak Festival.

At ACE English Academy, education transcends beyond traditional classroom learning. As our students gear up for the upcoming Vesak Festival, we emphasize that ACE English Academy is more than just a place to take notes and memorize lessons. It is a vibrant community where teamwork, unity, creativity, and innovation thrive.

Our academy fosters an environment where students are encouraged to collaborate and think creatively. Preparing for the Vesak Festival is just one example of how we integrate cultural awareness and community involvement into our curriculum. This hands-on experience helps our students learn the importance of teamwork and unity as they work together to celebrate this significant event.

Learning English at ACE English Academy is akin to begin a global journey. The world is rich with diverse communities, religions, and ethnic groups. We strive to instill in our students a deep respect for these cultural and religious values. This cultural sensitivity is crucial as our students are poised to become future leaders in the hospitality industry.

As future hoteliers, our students will interact with people from all walks of life. Understanding and respecting societal values and cultural differences are essential skills in the hospitality industry. By participating in events like the Vesak Festival, our students gain a firsthand appreciation of these values, preparing them to provide exceptional service to guests from around the world.
At ACE English Academy, we are dedicated to providing a platform where students can be creative and innovative while learning essential life skills. Join us in celebrating the Vesak Festival and supporting our students as they develop into well-rounded, culturally aware individuals ready to excel in the global hospitality industry.


Courses we offer...


TAFE SA - Government of South Australia

TAFE SA is a great option for you, if you are looking for a vocational education from a leading vocational training provider in South Australia. You can now directly apply for TAFE SA courses through Win-Stone Campus and transfer to Australia to continue it up to a Bachelor’s degree. The course fees are affordable, yet the value and recognition of the course remain the same. Visit TAFE SA International Courses web page to find out courses right fit for your passions and ensure your career pathways.


NZ Welding, Trades & Services New Zealand

NZ Welding, Trades & Services is a great option for you, if you are looking for a vocational education from a leading vocational training provider in New Zealand. You can now directly apply for NZ Welding, Trades & Services courses through Win-Stone Campus and transfer to New Zealand to continue it up to a Bachelor’s degree. The course fees are affordable, yet the value and recognition of the course remain the same. Visit NZ Welding, Trades & Services International Courses web page to find out courses right fit for your passions and ensure your career pathways.

ACE English Academy

ACE English Academy is an English training institute in Sri Lanka which makes your dream of perfecting English language skill a reality. The range of courses offered by us are modelled upon those offered by numerous language schools in Britain as well as the British Council and this help you to improve your English language skills to get ready for a job, university or prepare your life for an English-speaking country. We prepare you for English Language examinations such as KET, PET and IELTS and our courses ensure customized learning opportunities for every student with highly qualified team of lecturers. We believe every student has a potential for growth and we promise to develop your English language competency with our expert guidance.


Culinary Experts

~ Lecturer in Culinary Art
~ Lecturer in Culinary Art
~ Lecturer in Culinary Art
~ Lecturer in Culinary Art
~ Lecturer in Culinary Art
~ Lecturer in Culinary Art


Mrs. Iyanthi Goonewardene was awarded the ‘Wise Women’ Award, presented by Hon. Gotabhaya Rajapakse in recognition of her exemplary leadership and dedication towards her professional career, the award was presented in inspiration to all women in employment.




Our Industrial Training Providers

The on-the-job training program of the Win-Stone Campus has given the opportunity to its students to work in prestigious star-classed establishments across the island. Over the last few months, many of our talented students have found internships through these respected organizations to further enhance their skills and jump-start their careers.
We are honored to work closely with the following industry stakeholders: